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Erika Lee
Asian American Studies Program
Immigration History Research Center
American Studies
Migration, Race, and Ethnicity, Asian Americans, 20th-century United States, Law and Public Policy
Helga Leitner
Geography, Environment and Society
Global Studies, Institute for
Austria, European Union, Europe, European cities, new immigrants, immigrant incorporation and polictics in Minnesota, utility of GIS for community organizations and neighborhood revitalization, United States, urban and regional development, transnationalism, multiculturalism and immigrant incorporation, immigration policies and citizenship, globalization and international migration, environmental equity and justice
Kale B Fajardo
American Studies
Asian American Studies Program
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Advanced Study, Institute for (no longer in CLA)
Philippine Studies; Filipino/a American Studies; Asian/Asian American Studies; American Studies , masculinity studies, gender studies, feminist studies, queer studies, migration/immigration/transnationalism/diasporas/globalization, maritime studies, Pacific World, port cities
Dr Giovanna Dell'Orto
Journalism and Mass Communication, School of
German and European Studies, Center for
international mass communication, mass communication history, journalistic practices and standards in history, print journalism, international relations
Prof Jimmy C Patino Jr
Chicano & Latino Studies
Race/Class/Gender, Chicano/a and Latino/a History, Culture and Politics, Immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border, Latino/a Civil Rights and the Chicano/a Movement, African American and Latino/a Relations
Lisa S Park
Asian American Studies Program
Immigration and welfare policy, Immigrant health care access, race, class & gender, Asian-American studies, Environmental inequality, Urban theory and methods
David Pellow
Environmental justice studies, Racial and ethnic inequality, Transnational social movements, Labor studies, Immigration, environment
Jennifer L Pierce
American Studies
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
workplace and labor studies, gender, feminist theory, race relations, affirmative action, ethnography, social theory, sociology of emotions, research using personal narratives
Maria A Calvo
Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Interaction Between Politics and Culture, Immigration and Cultural Change, The Art and Politics of Twentieth Century Spain, Inequalities in Access to Education
Eden E Torres PhD
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Chicano & Latino Studies
American Studies
race, class & gender, Chicana/o cultural studies, Chicana/Chicano history and politics, Chicana feminist theory, Feminist & Critical Pedagogies, Gender, Labor & Politics