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Tracey A Deutsch

Department of History 1045 HellerH 271 19th Ave S

Department Affiliations


  • women and consumer culture
  • women's history
  • 20th-century political economy
  • politics of supermarkets and malls

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.: U.S. History, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2001.
  • M.A.: U.S. History, New York University, 1993.
  • B.A.: Religious Studies in the Humanities, University of Chicago, 1990.


  • From Wild Animal Stores to Women's Sphere: Supermarkets and Mass Consumption, 1930-1950. Deutsch, Tracey, Fall 1999.
  • Untangling Alliances: Social Tensions at Neighborhood Grocery Stores and the Rise of Chains. Deutsch, Tracey, 2002.
  • Bessie (Pesi) Hershfeld Pomerantz. Deutsch, Tracey, 2000.
  • Making Change at the Grocery Store. Deutsch, Tracey, Enterprise and Society, forthcoming.
  • Encyclopedia of Urban History. Deutsch, Tracey, Co-Author.
  • Putting Commerce in Its Place: Public Markets in U.S. History: Deutsch, Tracey, American Quarterly, 2004.
  • Budget-Making in the State of Illinois: Deutsch, Tracey, Matt Stagner, Theodore C. Chen, Chaplan Hall Center for Children, 1991.
  • The Dictionary of American History. Deutsch, Tracey, Co-Author, 2002.
  • Review: Brand New: How Entrepreneurs Earned Consumers’ Trust from Wedgewood to Starbucks: Deutsch, Tracey, Journal of American History, 2003.
  • "Des Consommatrices Américaines Trés Engagées, du New Deal a la Guerre Froide,": Deutsch, Tracey, Alain CHatriot, Au Nom du Consammateur, 2005.
  • Review of Marina Moskowitz, Standard of Living: Deutsch, Tracey, John Hopkins University Press, Business History Review, 2005.

Research Activities

  • Making Change: Supermarkets and the Transformation of Consumer Society, 1919-1968: funded research, 2003-5 Grant-In-Aid, 2004 McKnight Summer Fellowship and Faculty Summer Research Fellowship

Professional Activities

  • Assistant Professor: Simon's Rock College of Bard , 2001 - 2002
  • Program Committee: Business History Conference, 2005 Annual Meeting
  • CLA Assembly: Member , 2005 - 2006

Outreach Activities

  • Professor: Project TEAM-UP, University of Minnesota, 2002 - 2004
  • Invited Speaker: Bridge to American History Social History Lens, February 23, 2004
  • Invited Speaker: College in the Schools, 2003
  • Member: Organization of American Historians, 2003 - present

Courses Taught

  • Hist 5XXX - Comparative History of Capitalism
  • Hist 3841 - American Business History
  • Hist 3348/WOST 3408 - US Women's History, 1890-present
  • Hist 1908W - Shopping: An Introduction to History
  • History 5910 Consumption and Twentieth Century Politics
  • History 3345- US History Since 1945
  • History 4961 Major Paper Seminar
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