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William W Malandra

Prof William W Malandra


  • ancient Indian literature
  • civilizations of pre-Islamic India and Iran
  • history of religions
  • Indo-Iranian philology
  • old and middle Iranian
  • religions of South Asia and Iran
  • Sanskrit


  • An Introduction to Ancient Iranian Religion. Malandra, William, University of Minnesota, Author, 1983.
  • Zarathushtra's Place and Time: a Scholar's Perspective. Malandra, William, Fezana Journal, X.3, pp. 26-27, Author, 1997.
  • Avestan z_nu-dr_jah-: an Obscene Gesture. Malandra, William, Indo-Iranian Journal, 22, pp. 283-286, Author, 1980.
  • Atharvaveda 2.27: Evidence for a Soma-amulet. Malandra, William, Journal of the American Oriental Society, 99, pp. 220-224, Author, 1979.
  • On the Meaning of rayi-/r_y in the Avesta and Rgveda. Malandra, William, Zeitschrift fí¼r vergleichende Sprachforschung, 86, pp. 312-321, Author, 1972.


  • National Endowment for the Humanities, Translation Grant, 1980
  • Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1965

Courses Taught

  • Skt 5001 - Beginning Sanskrit
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